Giosonas is a settlement built right on the beach. A charming village where once 'Jason the Argonaut' rested on his expedition to the 'Golden Fleece', giving the place the name.

The famous beach with its crystal clear waters and uncountable smooth pebbles surprises with a great variety of colors, creating a picture of a perfect summer dream.

The seaside resort of Kardamyla is formed by small houses and villas, standing at the foot of the imposing mountains, surrounded by pine trees and gardens.

In the west of Giosonas, a canyon plunges through the mountains and flows into the sea. It is named "Giosonas Gorge", a majestic funnel, formed by two slopes. Large limestone rocks with sharp edges form steep, uninviting cliffs, inaccessible to any creature of nature other than birds and a few rugged cypresses, which defy the terrible terrain and stay hooked on the highest points of the rocks.

The "Giosonas Gorge" is perhaps the most spectacular and magnificent canyon of the island. Its beginning is lost somewhere at the eastern foot of Pelinneon mountain. It passes through the wild mountain range of "Pezoulas" and "Eleovouno" and ends at the beautiful beach of Giosonas.

Visitors can have a first glimpse of the canyon, when they follow the sign above the beach, saying 'Mother Giosona water”. After a few hundred meters passable road, one will reach a point where you can have a spectacular view of the canyon. Those who want not only the sight, but also to feel some of the coolness and tranquility of the “Mother of Water”, may just follow the road onto a small trail and within a few minutes of walking find themselves in a wild paradise. Between winter and summer there is a continuous flow of clear fresh water in mids of pines and cypresses, fragrant oleander and tall osier. It is a place, only slightly different from the jungle and blessed with a permanent breeze, even in the warmer summer months.

However, the most striking places of the canyon are hidden behind mountains and visible to passing visitors.

Dinstances from Iason Hotel:

  • Giosonas Beach
    5 m
  • Kardamyla Village
    5 km
  • Chios Town
    31 km
  • Chios Cenral Port
    31 km
  • Airport

    33 km



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